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Nebraska National Currency Bank Note Information

Nebraska had 349 national currency issuing charters in 205 different towns.
There are 8421 Nebraska national bank notes known, ranking it the 38th commonest state.
There are 64 charters where bank notes are unknown.
Blue Hill, Nebraska Series 1882 $50.00 Brownback National Currency Bank Note

List of All National Banks for Nebraska

CharterBank NameCityRare in LargeRare in Small186518751882 BB1882 BS1902 RS1902 BS1929
209First National Bank of Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1417Otoe County National Bank of Nebraska City, NebraskaNebraska CityTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1633Omaha National Bank, Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1798First National Bank, Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1846First National Bank of Brownville, NebraskaBrownvilleTrueTrue
1855Nebraska City National Bank, Nebraska City, NebraskaNebraska CityTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1899State National Bank of Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrueTrueTrue
1914First National Bank, Plattsmouth, NebraskaPlattsmouthTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1974First National Bank of Fremont, NebraskaFremontTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2121First National Bank of Ashland, NebraskaAshlandTrueTrue
2357First National Bank, Beatrice, NebraskaBeatriceTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2528First National Bank, Hastings, NebraskaHastingsTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2536James Sweet National Bank of Nebraska City, NebraskaNebraska CityTrue
2536Merchants National Bank of Nebraska City, NebraskaNebraska CityTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2665Nebraska National Bank of Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrueTrue
2683First National Bank, York, NebraskaYorkTrueTrueTrueTrue
2706First National Bank of Crete, NebraskaCreteTrueTrueTrue
2724First National Bank of Blair, NebraskaBlairTrueTrue
2746First National Bank, Falls City, NebraskaFalls CityTrueTrueTrueTrue
2750Lincoln National Bank, Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrue
2756First National Bank, Hebron, NebraskaHebronTrueTrueTrueTrue
2771First National Bank of Seward, NebraskaSewardTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2774First National Bank of Norfolk, NebraskaNorfolkTrueTrue
2775Merchants National Bank of Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrueTrue
2778First National Bank, Schuyler, NebraskaSchuylerTrueTrueTrue
2779First National Bank, Grand Island, NebraskaGrand IslandTrueTrueTrueTrue
2780First National Bank, Wahoo, NebraskaWahooTrueTrueTrueTrue
2806First National Bank of Kearney, NebraskaKearneyTrueTrue
2807First National Bank of Columbus, NebraskaColumbusTrueTrueTrueTrue
2811First National Bank, Red Cloud, NebraskaRed CloudTrueTrue
2825First National Bank, Pawnee City, NebraskaPawnee CityTrueTrue
2848Fremont National Bank, Fremont, NebraskaFremontTrueTrueTrueTrue
2871First National Bank, Central City, NebraskaCentral CityTrueTrue
2897First National Bank of Aurora, NebraskaAuroraTrueTrueTrueTrue
2902First National Bank, David City, NebraskaDavid CityTrueTrueTrueTrue
2921First National Bank of Ashland, NebraskaAshlandTrueTrueTrueTrue
2955First National Bank, Tecumseh, NebraskaTecumsehTrueTrue
2960First National Bank, Friend, NebraskaFriendTrueTrueTrueTrue
2964First National Bank, Fullerton, NebraskaFullertonTrueTrueTrueTrue
2978United States National Bank, Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrueTrueTrue
2988Marsh National Bank of Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrue
2988Capital National Bank of Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrue
2991First National Bank, Wilber, NebraskaWilberTrueTrue
2994First National Bank of Fairbury, NebraskaFairburyTrueTrueTrueTrue
3057First National Bank, Minden, NebraskaMindenTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
3059First National Bank, North Bend, NebraskaNorth BendTrueTrueTrueTrue
3060Jones National Bank of Seward, NebraskaSewardTrueTrueTrueTrue
3081Beatrice National Bank, Beatrice, NebraskaBeatriceTrueTrueTrueTrue
3083First National Bank, Syracuse, NebraskaSyracuseTrueTrueTrueTrue
3086Exchange National Bank of Hastings, NebraskaHastingsTrueTrueTrue
3099City National Bank, Hastings, NebraskaHastingsTrueTrue
3101Citizens National Bank, Grand Island, NebraskaGrand IslandTrueTrue
3117Exeter National Bank of Exeter, NebraskaExeterTrueTrue
3118Saunders County National Bank, Wahoo, NebraskaWahooTrueTrueTrueTrue
3121First National Bank of Exeter, NebraskaExeterTrueTrue
3126First National Bank, Saint Paul, NebraskaSaint PaulTrueTrue
3129Saint Paul National Bank, Saint Paul, NebraskaSaint PaulTrue
3152Schuyler National Bank, Schuyler, NebraskaSchuylerTrueTrueTrue
3162York National Bank, York, NebraskaYorkTrueTrue
3163Commercial National Bank, Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrue
3181Red Cloud National Bank, Red Cloud, NebraskaRed CloudTrueTrue
3188Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Fremont, NebraskaFremontTrueTrueTrue
3188Union National Bank of Fremont, NebraskaFremontTrueTrue
3201Kearney National Bank, Kearney, NebraskaKearneyTrueTrue
3208First National Bank, Holdrege, NebraskaHoldregeTrueTrueTrueTrue
3230First National Bank of Fairmont, NebraskaFairmontTrueTrue
3238First National Bank, Humboldt, NebraskaHumboldtTrueTrueTrue
3240First National Bank, Sutton, NebraskaSuttonTrueTrueTrueTrue
3292First National Bank of Plum Creek, NebraskaPlum CreekTrueTrue
3292First National Bank of Lexington, NebraskaLexingtonTrueTrueTrueTrue
3302First National Bank, Arapahoe, NebraskaArapahoeTrueTrue
3339First National Bank of Ord, NebraskaOrdTrueTrueTrueTrue
3340West Point National Bank, West Point, NebraskaWest PointTrueTrueTrueTrue
3342First National Bank, Orleans, NebraskaOrleansTrueTrue
3343First National Bank of Auburn, North Auburn, NebraskaNorth AuburnTrue
3343First National Bank of Auburn, Auburn, NebraskaAuburnTrueTrueTrue
3347Norfolk National Bank, Norfolk, NebraskaNorfolkTrueTrueTrueTrue
3364First National Bank, Stanton, NebraskaStantonTrueTrueTrueTrue
3370First National Bank, West Point, NebraskaWest PointTrueTrueTrueTrue
3373First National Bank of Loup City, NebraskaLoup CityTrueTrue
3379First National Bank, McCook, NebraskaMcCookTrueTrueTrueTrue
3390First National Bank, Dorchester, NebraskaDorchesterTrueTrue
3392First National Bank, Wayne, NebraskaWayneTrueTrueTrueTrue
3403First National Bank of Greenwood, NebraskaGreenwoodTrueTrueTrueTrue
3419First National Bank of Blue Hill, NebraskaBlue HillTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
3424First National Bank of O'Neill, NebraskaO'NeillTrueTrueTrueTrue
3445Custer County National Bank, Broken Bow, NebraskaBroken BowTrueTrue
3449First National Bank, Broken Bow, NebraskaBroken BowTrue
3481Ord National Bank, Ord, NebraskaOrdTrueTrue
3483First National Bank, Indianola, NebraskaIndianolaTrueTrue
3493First National Bank, Fairfield, NebraskaFairfieldTrue
3495First National Bank, Nelson, NebraskaNelsonTrueTrueTrue
3496First National Bank, North Platte, NebraskaNorth PlatteTrueTrueTrueTrue
3516Union National Bank, Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrue
3523First National Bank, Weeping Water, NebraskaWeeping WaterTrueTrueTrueTrue
3526Buffalo County National Bank, Kearney, NebraskaKearneyTrueTrue
3529First National Bank, Superior, NebraskaSuperiorTrueTrueTrueTrue
3549First National Bank, Franklin, NebraskaFranklinTrueTrue
3571German National Bank, Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrue
3574First National Bank, Clay Center, NebraskaClay CenterTrueTrue
3580First National Bank, Alma, NebraskaAlmaTrueTrue
3603State National Bank, Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrue
3611South Omaha National Bank, South Omaha, NebraskaSouth OmahaTrueTrueTrue
3619First National Bank, Beaver City, NebraskaBeaver CityTrueTrue
3627First National Bank, Ponca, NebraskaPoncaTrueTrue
3628Carson National Bank of South Auburn, NebraskaSouth AuburnTrue
3628Carson National Bank of Auburn, NebraskaAuburnTrueTrueTrueTrue
3652First National Bank, Ogallalia, NebraskaOgallaliaTrueTrue
3653Sutton National Bank, Sutton, NebraskaSuttonTrueTrueTrue
3674First National Bank of Rulo, NebraskaRuloTrueTrue
3725First National Bank, Tobias, NebraskaTobiasTrueTrue
3732German National Bank of Hastings, NebraskaHastingsTrueTrueTrue
3732Nebraska National Bank of Hastings, NebraskaHastingsTrueTrue
3741Citizens National Bank of Norfolk, NebraskaNorfolkTrueTrueTrue
3773First National Bank of Madison, NebraskaMadisonTrueTrueTrueTrue
3801Central Nebraska National Bank of David City, NebraskaDavid CityTrueTrueTrueTrue
3823First National Bank, Chadron, NebraskaChadronTrueTrueTrueTrue
3875Holdrege National Bank, Holdrege, NebraskaHoldregeTrueTrue
3891Citizens National Bank of Saint Paul, NebraskaSaint PaulTrueTrueTrueTrue
3921First National Bank, Gibbon, NebraskaGibbonTrueTrue
3927Central Nebraska National Bank, Broken Bow, NebraskaBroken BowTrueTrue
3934City National Bank of David City, NebraskaDavid CityTrueTrueTrue
3939First National Bank of Wood River, NebraskaWood RiverTrueTrueTrue
3958City National Bank of Kearney, NebraskaKearneyTrueTrue
3960First National Bank, Albion, NebraskaAlbionTrueTrueTrue
3999First National Bank, Elm Creek, NebraskaElm CreekTrueTrue
4024North Platte National Bank, North Platte, NebraskaNorth PlatteTrueTrue
4029First National Bank, Wisner, NebraskaWisnerTrueTrueTrue
4042First National Bank, Shelton, NebraskaSheltonTrueTrue
4043First National Bank, Ravenna, NebraskaRavennaTrueTrue
4052First National Bank of Geneva, NebraskaGenevaTrueTrue
4078Farmers National Bank of Pawnee City, NebraskaPawnee CityTrueTrue
4080First National Bank, Liberty, NebraskaLibertyTrueTrue
4087American National Bank, Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrue
4089First National Bank, Ainsworth, NebraskaAinsworthTrueTrue
4110First National Bank, Neligh, NebraskaNelighTrueTrue
4129First National Bank, Harvard, NebraskaHarvardTrueTrue
4148German National Bank of Beatrice, NebraskaBeatriceTrueTrueTrue
4161Dawson County National Bank of Lexington, NebraskaLexingtonTrueTrueTrue
4163First National Bank, Sterling, NebraskaSterlingTrueTrue
4165First National Bank of Cozad, NebraskaCozadTrueTrueTrueTrue
4170First National Bank, Grant, NebraskaGrantTrueTrue
4173Albion National Bank, Nebraska, NebraskaAlbionTrueTrueTrueTrue
4176First National Bank, Rushville, NebraskaRushvilleTrueTrue
4185Nebraska National Bank, Beatrice, NebraskaBeatriceTrueTrue
4210First National Bank of Wymore, NebraskaWymoreTrueTrueTrueTrue
4226First National Bank, Alliance, NebraskaAllianceTrueTrueTrueTrue
4242First National Bank, Creighton, NebraskaCreightonTrueTrue
4245Nebraska National Bank, York, NebraskaYorkTrueTrue
4270National Bank of Commerce, Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrueTrue
4276Tecumseh National Bank, Tecumseh, NebraskaTecumsehTrueTrueTrue
4280First National Bank of Pierce, NebraskaPierceTrueTrue
4324First National Bank, Tekamah, NebraskaTekamahTrueTrueTrueTrue
4345United States National Bank of Holdrege, NebraskaHoldregeTrue
4345City National Bank of Holdrege, NebraskaHoldregeTrueTrueTrue
4354Wayne National Bank, Wayne, NebraskaWayneTrueTrue
4357Security National Bank of Grand Island, NebraskaGrand IslandTrueTrue
4435Columbia National Bank of Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrue
4484Geneva National Bank, Geneva, NebraskaGenevaTrueTrue
4504Commercial National Bank of Fremont, NebraskaFremontTrueTrueTrue
4528First National Bank, Hartington, NebraskaHartingtonTrueTrueTrueTrue
4557First National Bank, South Sioux City, NebraskaSouth Sioux CityTrueTrue
4583First National Bank of Arlington, NebraskaArlingtonTrueTrueTrueTrue
4588Farmers and Merchants National Bank, Auburn, NebraskaAuburnTrueTrue
4589Packers National Bank of South Omaha, NebraskaSouth OmahaTrueTrueTrue
4606American Exchange National Bank, Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrue
4610First National Bank of Oakland, NebraskaOaklandTrueTrueTrueTrue
4632Union Stock Yards National Bank of South Omaha, NebraskaSouth OmahaTrueTrue
4791First National Bank, Pender, NebraskaPenderTrueTrueTrueTrue
4820Crete National Bank of Crete, NebraskaCreteTrueTrue
4890First National Bank of Gothenburg, NebraskaGothenburgTrueTrue
4895First National Bank, Dewitt, NebraskaDewittTrueTrue
4935City National Bank of York, NebraskaYorkTrueTrueTrueTrue
5180Commercial National Bank, Columbus, NebraskaColumbusTrueTrueTrueTrue
5189First National Bank, Genoa, NebraskaGenoaTrueTrueTrueTrue
5213City National Bank of Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrueTrue
5281City National Bank of Weeping Water, NebraskaWeeping WaterTrueTrue
5282First National Bank of Newman Grove, NebraskaNewman GroveTrueTrueTrueTrue
5297First National Bank of Hooper, NebraskaHooperTrueTrueTrueTrue
5308Pender National Bank, Pender, NebraskaPenderTrueTrueTrue
5337First National Bank of Humphrey, NebraskaHumphreyTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
5346First National Bank, Saint Edward, NebraskaSaint EdwardTrueTrue
5368First National Bank of Wakefield, NebraskaWakefieldTrueTrueTrue
5384Fullerton National Bank, Fullerton, NebraskaFullertonTrueTrueTrueTrue
5397Superior National Bank, Superior, NebraskaSuperiorTrueTrue
5400Hartington National Bank, Hartington, NebraskaHartingtonTrueTrueTrue
5419First National Bank, Loomis, NebraskaLoomisTrueTrueTrueTrue
5440First National Bank, Elgin, NebraskaElginTrueTrueTrueTrue
5657Alliance National Bank, NebraskaAllianceTrueTrueTrueTrue
5690Neligh National Bank, Neligh, NebraskaNelighTrueTrue
5770O'Neill National Bank, O'Neill, NebraskaO'NeillTrueTrueTrueTrue
5787First National Bank of Elmwood, NebraskaElmwoodTrueTrueTrue
5793Smith National Bank, Saint Edward, NebraskaSaint EdwardTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
5937First National Bank, Pilger, NebraskaPilgerTrueTrueTrue
5941Farmers National Bank of Pilger, NebraskaPilgerTrueTrueTrue
5957First National Bank, Carroll, NebraskaCarrollTrueTrueTrueTrue
5995Custer National Bank of Broken Bow, NebraskaBroken BowTrueTrue
6166Citizens National Bank of Tecumseh, NebraskaTecumsehTrueTrue
6201Sidney National Bank, Sidney, NebraskaSidneyTrueTrue
6221First National Bank, Lyons, NebraskaLyonsTrueTrueTrue
6240First National Bank, Scottsbluff, NebraskaScottsbluffTrueTrue
6282Gothenburg National Bank, Gothenburg, NebraskaGothenburgTrueTrueTrue
6378First National Bank, Valentine, NebraskaValentineTrueTrueTrue
6415National Bank of Wilber, NebraskaWilberTrueTrueTrue
6464Anoka National Bank, Anoka, NebraskaAnokaTrueTrue
6489First National Bank, Atkinson, NebraskaAtkinsonTrueTrueTrue
6493First National Bank, Osceola, NebraskaOsceolaTrueTrueTrue
6503First National Bank of Bloomfield, NebraskaBloomfieldTrueTrueTrue
6506First National Bank, Cambridge, NebraskaCambridgeTrueTrueTrue
6541First National Bank of Pawnee City, NebraskaPawnee CityTrueTrueTrue
6600Central National Bank of Kearney, NebraskaKearneyTrueTrue
6805Genoa National Bank, Genoa, NebraskaGenoaTrueTrueTrue
6818First National Bank, Beemer, NebraskaBeemerTrueTrueTrue
6866Citizens National Bank, Wisner, NebraskaWisnerTrueTrueTrue
6900First National Bank of Crawford, NebraskaCrawfordTrueTrue
6901First National Bank, Scribner, NebraskaScribnerTrueTrueTrueTrue
6939First National Bank of Clarks, NebraskaClarksTrueTrueTrue
6947First National Bank, Stuart, NebraskaStuartTrueTrueTrue
7026First National Bank of Mitchell, NebraskaMitchellTrueTrueTrue
7065National Bank of Humboldt, NebraskaHumboldtTrueTrue
7204First National Bank, Elwood, NebraskaElwoodTrueTrueTrue
7239National Bank of Commerce, Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrueTrue
7277First National Bank of Loup City, NebraskaLoup CityTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
7325First National Bank, Spencer, NebraskaSpencerTrueTrue
7329Nebraska National Bank of Norfolk, NebraskaNorfolkTrueTrueTrue
7333First National Bank, Dodge, NebraskaDodgeTrueTrueTrue
7340First National Bank of Burwell, NebraskaBurwellTrueTrueTrue
7355First National Bank, Diller, NebraskaDillerTrueTrueTrue
7384First National Bank, Sargent, NebraskaSargentTrueTrueTrue
7393First National Bank, Ansley, NebraskaAnsleyTrueTrueTrue
7421First National Bank of Randolph, NebraskaRandolphTrueTrueTrue
7425First National Bank, Emerson, NebraskaEmersonTrueTrueTrue
7449National Bank of North Bend, NebraskaNorth BendTrueTrueTrue
7477Security National Bank, Randolph, NebraskaRandolphTrueTrueTrue
7520First National Bank, Oxford, NebraskaOxfordTrueTrueTrue
7574First National Bank, Spalding, NebraskaSpaldingTrueTrueTrue
7578Tobias National Bank, Tobias, NebraskaTobiasTrueTrueTrue
7622First National Bank of Greeley, NebraskaGreeleyTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
7737First National Bank, University Place, NebraskaUniversity PlaceTrueTrue
7821Farmers National Bank of York, NebraskaYorkTrueTrueTrue
7836Stanton National Bank, Stanton, NebraskaStantonTrueTrueTrue
7861First National Bank, Wilcox, NebraskaWilcoxTrueTrueTrue
7881Atkinson National Bank, Atkinson, NebraskaAtkinsonTrueTrueTrue
7925First National Bank, Overton, NebraskaOvertonTrueTrueTrue
7949Shelby National Bank, Shelby, NebraskaShelbyTrueTrueTrue
8027Blair National Bank, Blair, NebraskaBlairTrueTrueTrue
8031First National Bank, Hayes Center, NebraskaHayes CenterTrueTrueTrue
8062First National Bank, Gering, NebraskaGeringTrueTrueTrue
8093First National Bank, Litchfield, NebraskaLitchfieldTrueTrueTrueTrue
8097First National Bank, Bradshaw, NebraskaBradshawTrueTrueTrue
8105First National Bank, Benedict, NebraskaBenedictTrueTrueTrueTrue
8113Citizens National Bank of Gothenburg, NebraskaGothenburgTrueTrueTrue
8161First National Bank, Johnson, NebraskaJohnsonTrueTrueTrue
8172First National Bank, Gresham, NebraskaGreshamTrueTrueTrue
8183First National Bank, Henderson, NebraskaHendersonTrueTrueTrue
8186First National Bank, Crofton, NebraskaCroftonTrueTrueTrue
8218First National Bank, Trenton, NebraskaTrentonTrueTrueTrue
8246Fidelity National Bank, Aurora, NebraskaAuroraTrueTrue
8282First National Bank, Cedar Rapids, NebraskaCedar RapidsTrueTrueTrue
8285First National Bank, Hampton, NebraskaHamptonTrueTrueTrue
8286First National Bank, Stromsburg, NebraskaStromsburgTrueTrueTrue
8317Farmers National Bank, Madison, NebraskaMadisonTrueTrueTrue
8328German National Bank of Columbus, NebraskaColumbusTrueTrue
8328Central National Bank of Columbus, NebraskaColumbusTrueTrue
8335First National Bank of Saint James, NebraskaSaint JamesTrue
8335First National Bank of Wynot, NebraskaWynotTrueTrue
8372First National Bank of Allen, NebraskaAllenTrueTrueTrue
8383German National Bank of Johnson, NebraskaJohnsonTrueTrueTrue
8385Central City National Bank, Central City, NebraskaCentral CityTrueTrueTrue
8400First National Bank, Marquette, NebraskaMarquetteTrueTrueTrueTrue
8413First National Bank, Wolbach, NebraskaWolbachTrueTrueTrue
8466First National Bank of Bertrand, NebraskaBertrandTrueTrueTrue
8469First National Bank of Bazille Mills, NebraskaBazille MillsTrueTrueTrue
8521First National Bank, Gordon, NebraskaGordonTrueTrueTrue
8533First National Bank of Polk, NebraskaPolkTrueTrueTrue
8567Citizens National Bank of Orleans, NebraskaOrleansTrueTrueTrue
8651Commercial National Bank of Kearney, NebraskaKearneyTrueTrueTrue
8685First National Bank, Walthill, NebraskaWalthillTrueTrueTrue
8760First National Bank, Hay Springs, NebraskaHay SpringsTrueTrueTrueTrue
8797Creighton National Bank, Creighton, NebraskaCreightonTrueTrueTrueTrue
8811First National Bank of Utica, NebraskaUticaTrueTrueTrue
8812First National Bank of Curtis, NebraskaCurtisTrueTrueTrue
8823McCook National Bank, McCook, NebraskaMcCookTrueTrueTrue
8851First National Bank of Lawrence, NebraskaLawrenceTrueTrueTrue
8863First National Bank of Bancroft, NebraskaBancroftTrueTrueTrue
8885Central National Bank of Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrueTrue
8888First National Bank of Harrison, NebraskaHarrisonTrueTrue
8949Live Stock National Bank of South Omaha, NebraskaSouth OmahaTrueTrueTrue
8975First National Bank of Campbell, NebraskaCampbellTrueTrueTrue
8988First National Bank of Decatur, NebraskaDecaturTrueTrueTrue
8992National Bank of Ainsworth, NebraskaAinsworthTrueTrueTrue
8995Bonham National Bank of Fairbury, NebraskaFairburyTrueTrueTrue
9056Aurora National Bank, Aurora, NebraskaAuroraTrueTrueTrue
9092First National Bank of Amherst, NebraskaAmherstTrueTrueTrue
9138City National Bank of Wymore, NebraskaWymoreTrueTrue
9191Stockmen's National Bank of Rushville, NebraskaRushvilleTrueTrueTrue
9200Shelton National Bank, Shelton, NebraskaSheltonTrueTrue
9217First National Bank of Tilden, NebraskaTildenTrueTrue
9223First National Bank of Adams, NebraskaAdamsTrueTrue
9244Citizens National Bank of Wayne, NebraskaWayneTrue
9258First National Bank of Callaway, NebraskaCallawayTrueTrue
9395Grand Island National Bank, Grand Island, NebraskaGrand IslandTrueTrue
9400Minden Exchange National Bank of Minden, NebraskaMindenTrueTrue
9436Citizens National Bank of McCook, NebraskaMcCookTrueTrue
9448First National Bank of Bristow, NebraskaBristowTrue
9466City National Bank of Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrue
9504First National Bank of Plainview, NebraskaPlainviewTrue
9581Scottsbluff National Bank, Scottsbluff, NebraskaScottsbluffTrueTrue
9591First National Bank of Craig, NebraskaCraigTrueTrue
9623First National Bank of Butte, NebraskaButteTrueTrue
9653First National Bank of Morrill, NebraskaMorrillTrueTrue
9665First National Bank of Naper, NebraskaNaperTrueTrueTrueTrue
9666First National Bank of Bayard, NebraskaBayardTrueTrue
9671First National Bank of Winnebago, NebraskaWinnebagoTrue
9694Gering National Bank, Gering, NebraskaGeringTrueTrueTrue
9711First National Bank of Bridgeport, NebraskaBridgeportTrueTrue
9730Corn Exchange National Bank of Omaha, NebraskaOmahaTrue
9731City National Bank of Crete, NebraskaCreteTrueTrue
9741First National Bank of Lodgepole, NebraskaLodgepoleTrueTrue
9762First National Bank of Imperial, NebraskaImperialTrueTrue
9772First National Bank of Havelock, NebraskaHavelockTrueTrueTrue
9785First National Bank of Lynch, NebraskaLynchTrueTrue
9790First National Bank of Chappell, NebraskaChappellTrueTrue
9793First National Bank of Laurel, NebraskaLaurelTrue
9796First National Bank of Coleridge, NebraskaColeridgeTrue
9816Walthill National Bank, Walthill, NebraskaWalthillTrueTrueTrue
9831First National Bank of Leigh, NebraskaLeighTrueTrue
9908Stock Yards National Bank of South Omaha, NebraskaSouth OmahaTrueTrue
9979Laurel National Bank, Laurel, NebraskaLaurelTrue
9984Farmers National Bank of Wakefield, NebraskaWakefieldTrue
9994First National Bank of Wausa, NebraskaWausaTrue
10011Tilden National Bank, Tilden, NebraskaTildenTrueTrue
10017Commercial National Bank of Wausa, NebraskaWausaTrueTrue
10021Madison National Bank, Madison, NebraskaMadisonTrueTrue
10022Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Oakland, NebraskaOaklandTrueTrue
10023Coleridge National Bank, Coleridge, NebraskaColeridgeTrueTrue
10025First National Bank of Belden, NebraskaBeldenTrueTrue
10033First National Bank of Brunswick, NebraskaBrunswickTrueTrue
10081First National Bank of Oshkosh, NebraskaOshkoshTrueTrue
10242First National Bank, Hemingford, NebraskaHemingfordTrue
10340Farmers and Merchants National Bank, Fairbury, NebraskaFairburyTrue
12552Sioux National Bank of Harrison, NebraskaHarrisonTrueTrueTrue
13017City National Bank in Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrue
13316First National Bank of Minatare, NebraskaMinatareTrue
13333Continental National Bank of Lincoln, NebraskaLincolnTrue
13339First National Bank of Oakdale, NebraskaOakdaleTrue
13408Stephens National Bank of Fremont, NebraskaFremontTrue
13420American National Bank of Kimball, NebraskaKimballTrue
13425American National Bank of Sidney, NebraskaSidneyTrue
13426First National Bank in Cozad, NebraskaCozadTrue
13435Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Ashland, NebraskaAshlandTrue
13446Overton National Bank, Overton, NebraskaOvertonTrue
13453Farmers National Bank in Pilger, NebraskaPilgerTrue
13515Hastings National Bank, Hastings, NebraskaHastingsTrue
13568National Bank of Neligh, NebraskaNelighTrue
13617Nebraska National Bank of Alliance, NebraskaAllianceTrue
13620First National Bank in Loup City, NebraskaLoup CityTrue
14083Security National Bank of Superior, NebraskaSuperiorTrue
14282Wymore National Bank, Wymore, NebraskaWymoreTrue