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Mississippi National Currency Bank Note Information

Mississippi had 66 national currency issuing charters in 39 towns.
There are 1914 Mississippi national bank notes known, ranking it the 13th scarcest state.
There are 13 charters where bank notes are unknown.
Gulfport, Mississippi Series 1902 $10.00 Red seal National Currency Bank Note

List of All National Banks for Mississippi

CharterBank NameCityRare in LargeRare in Small186518751882 BB1882 BS1902 RS1902 BS1929
803National Bank of Vicksburg, MississippiVicksburgTrueTrue
1610First National Bank of Jackson, MississippiJacksonTrueTrue
2638First National Bank of Columbus, MississippiColumbusTrueTrue
2891First National Bank of West Point, MississippiWest PointTrueTrueTrueTrue
2957First National Bank of Meridian, MississippiMeridianTrueTrueTrueTrue
3176Meridian National Bank, Meridian, MississippiMeridianTrueTrue
3258First National Bank and Trust Company of Vicksburg, MississippiVicksburgTrue
3258First National Bank of Vicksburg, MississippiVicksburgTrueTrueTrueTrue
3332First National Bank of Jackson, MississippiJacksonTrueTrueTrueTrue
3430Merchants National Bank and Trust Company of Vicksburg, MississippiVicksburgTrue
3430Merchants National Bank of Vicksburg, MississippiVicksburgTrueTrueTrue
3566First National Bank of Yazoo City, MississippiYazoo CityTrueTrueTrueTrue
3656First National Bank of Aberdeen, MississippiAberdeenTrueTrueTrueTrue
3688First National Bank of Starkville, MississippiStarkvilleTrueTrue
3701First National Bank of Natchez, MississippiNatchezTrueTrue
3765First National Bank of Greenville, MississippiGreenvilleTrueTrueTrueTrue
4521First National Bank of Tupelo, MississippiTupeloTrueTrueTrueTrue
5176National Bank of Commerce of Hattiesburg, MississippiHattiesburgTrue
5176First-National Bank of Commerce of Hattiesburg, MississippiHattiesburgTrue
5176First National Bank of Hattiesburg, MississippiHattiesburgTrueTrueTrue
5177First National Bank of Hattiesburg, MississippiHattiesburgTrueTrue
5613First National Bank of Lumberton, MississippiLumbertonTrueTrueTrueTrue
5715Mississippi National Bank of Port Gibson, MississippiPort GibsonTrueTrue
6121American National Bank of Vicksburg, MississippiVicksburgTrueTrue
6188First National Bank of Gulfport, MississippiGulfportTrueTrueTrue
6305National Bank of Commerce of Natchez, MississippiNatchezTrueTrue
6595First National Bank of Clarksdale, MississippiClarksdaleTrueTrueTrue
6646Capital National Bank of Jackson, MississippiJacksonTrueTrueTrue
6681First National Bank of Laurel, MississippiLaurelTrueTrueTrue
6847First National Bank of Canton, MississippiCantonTrueTrueTrue
6923Laurel National Bank, Laurel, MississippiLaurelTrueTrue
7200First National Bank of Shaw, MississippiShawTrueTrueTrue
7216First National Bank of Greenwood, MississippiGreenwoodTrueTrueTrue
7266Citizens National Bank of Meridian, MississippiMeridianTrueTrueTrue
7461First National Bank of McComb City, MississippiMcComb CityTrueTrueTrue
7507Citizens National Bank of Vicksburg, MississippiVicksburgTrueTrue
8514First National Bank of New Albany, MississippiNew AlbanyTrueTrue
8593Pascagoula National Bank of Moss Point, MississippiMoss PointTrueTrueTrue
8719National Bank of Poplarville, MississippiPoplarvilleTrueTrueTrue
9040First National Bank of Pontotoc, MississippiPontotocTrueTrueTrue
9041First National Bank of Philadelphia, MississippiPhiladelphiaTrueTrue
9094First National Bank of Corinth, MississippiCorinthTrueTrueTrue
9196First National Bank of Okolona, MississippiOkolonaTrueTrue
9204First National Bank of Ripley, MississippiRipleyTrueTrue
9251First National Bank of Ackerman, MississippiAckermanTrueTrue
9728First National Bank of Collins, MississippiCollinsTrueTrue
9751Citizens National Bank of Corinth, MississippiCorinthTrue
9753National Bank of Summit, MississippiSummitTrueTrue
9865National Bank of Oxford, MississippiOxfordTrueTrue
10154First National Bank of Iuka, MississippiIukaTrueTrue
10326Citizens National Bank of Columbia, MississippiColumbiaTrueTrue
10338Progressive National Bank of Summit, MississippiSummitTrueTrue
10361National Bank of Commerce of Columbus, MississippiColumbusTrueTrue
10463State National Bank of Jackson, MississippiJacksonTrueTrue
10494First National Bank of Brookhaven, MississippiBrookhavenTrueTrue
10523Jackson-State National Bank, Jackson, MississippiJacksonTrueTrue
10576First National Bank of Biloxi, MississippiBiloxiTrueTrue
10688First National Bank of Itta Bena, MississippiItta BenaTrueTrue
10738Columbus National Bank, Columbus, MississippiColumbusTrueTrue
10738First-Columbus National Bank, Columbus, MississippiColumbusTrue
10745First National Bank of Rosedale, MississippiRosedaleTrueTrue
11898Commercial National Bank and Trust Company of Laurel, MississippiLaurelTrueTrue
12073Rosedal National Bank, Rosedale, MississippiRosedaleTrue
12222Planters National Bank of Clarksdale, MississippiClarksdaleTrueTrue
12478Commercial National Bank of Hattiesburg, MississippiHattiesburgTrueTrue
12537Britton and Koontz National Bank of Natchez, MississippiNatchezTrueTrue
12587Delta National Bank of Yazoo City, MississippiYazoo CityTrueTrue
13551First National Bank in Meridian, MississippiMeridianTrue
13553First National Bank in Gulfport, MississippiGulfportTrue
13708Capital National Bank in Jackson, MississippiJacksonTrue
13722Britton and Koontz National Bank in Natchez, MississippiNatchezTrue