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Minnesota National Currency Bank Note Information

Minnesota had 120 national currency issuing charters in 62 different towns.
There are 11606 Minnesota national bank notes known, ranking it the 42st most common state.
There are 35 charters where bank notes are unknown.
Wilmar, Minnesota Series 1902 $5.00 Red seal National Currency Bank Note

List of All National Banks for Minnesota

CharterBank NameCityRare in LargeRare in Small186518751882 BB1882 BS1902 RS1902 BS1929
203First National Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
496First National Bank, Hastings, MinnesotaHastingsTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
550First National Bank, Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrueTrueTrue
579First National Bank, Rochester, MinnesotaRochesterTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
631First National Bank of New Ulm, MinnesotaNew UlmTrueTrue
710First National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
710First and Security National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrue
710First National Bank in Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
710First National Bank and Trust Company of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrue
719National Exchange Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrueTrue
725Second National Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1258National Marine Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
1487First National Bank, Red Wing, MinnesotaRed WingTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1514First National Bank, Stillwater, MinnesotaStillwaterTrueTrueTrue
1538Merchants National Bank of Hastings, MinnesotaHastingsTrueTrue
1597First National Bank, Shakopee, MinnesotaShakopeeTrueTrueTrue
1623State National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
1643United National Bank of Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrueTrue
1683First National Bank of Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1683First National Bank and Trust Company of Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrue
1683First National Bank of Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrue
1686First National Bank of Faribault, MinnesotaFaribaultTrueTrueTrue
1690First National Bank of Austin, MinnesotaAustinTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1740First National Bank of Lake City, MinnesotaLake CityTrueTrueTrue
1782Winona Deposit National Bank, Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrueTrue
1783Lumbermen's National Bank of Stillwater, MinnesotaStillwaterTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1794First National Bank of Saint Peter, MinnesotaSaint PeterTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1830First National Bank of Saint Anthony, MinnesotaSaint AnthonyTrueTrue
1830Merchants National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrueTrue
1842Second National Bank of Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrueTrueTrueTrue
1863Citizens National Bank of Faribault, MinnesotaFaribaultTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1911First National Bank, Owatonna, MinnesotaOwatonnaTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
1954First National Bank, Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
2005Citizens National Bank, Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrueTrueTrue
2006North Western National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2020Merchants National Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2030First National Bank, Fergus Falls, MinnesotaFergus FallsTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2073First National Bank, Northfield, MinnesotaNorthfieldTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2088Union National Bank, Rochester, MinnesotaRochesterTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2122Farmers National Bank, Owatonna, MinnesotaOwatonnaTrueTrue
2159First National Bank of Kasson, MinnesotaKassonTrueTrueTrue
2268Merchants National Bank, Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrue
2316Rochester National Bank, Rochester, MinnesotaRochesterTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2318Citizens National Bank, New Ulm, MinnesotaNew UlmTrueTrue
2387First National Bank, Cannon Falls, MinnesotaCannon FallsTrueTrue
2567First National Bank, Crookston, MinnesotaCrookstonTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2569First National Bank of Moorhead, MinnesotaMoorheadTrueTrueTrueTrue
2569First and Moorhead National Bank of Moorhead, MinnesotaMoorheadTrue
2571First National Bank, Glencoe, MinnesotaGlencoeTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2590First National Bank, Brainerd, MinnesotaBrainerdTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2648Fergus Falls National Bank, Fergus Falls, MinnesotaFergus FallsTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
2648Fergus Falls National Bank and Trust Company, Fergus Falls, MinnesotaFergus FallsTrue
2674First National Bank of Stillwater, MinnesotaStillwaterTrueTrueTrueTrue
2768Duluth National Bank, Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
2790First National Bank, Saint Cloud, MinnesotaSaint CloudTrueTrueTrue
2795Union National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
2800First National Bank, Anoka, MinnesotaAnokaTrueTrue
2933First National Bank, Morris, MinnesotaMorrisTrueTrue
2934Citizens National Bank of Fergus Falls, MinnesotaFergus FallsTrueTrue
2943National German-American Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrueTrue
2959Saint Paul National Bank, Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
2995First National Bank, Alexandria, MinnesotaAlexandriaTrueTrueTrue
3000Anoka National Bank, Anoka, MinnesotaAnokaTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
3009German-American National Bank of Saint Cloud, MinnesotaSaint CloudTrueTrue
3039First National Bank, Shakopee, MinnesotaShakopeeTrueTrueTrueTrue
3098Manufacturers National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
3100First National Bank, Wabasha, MinnesotaWabashaTrueTrueTrueTrue
3127Merchants and Farmers National Bank of Shakopee, MinnesotaShakopeeTrueTrue
3145Nicollett National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
3155First National Bank of Sauk Centre, MinnesotaSauk CentreTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
3206National Bank of Commerce, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrueTrue
3224National Bank of Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrue
3224First National Bank of Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrueTrueTrueTrue
3233Third National Bank, Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
3262Merchants National Bank, Crookston, MinnesotaCrookstonTrueTrueTrue
3426First National Bank, Detroit, MinnesotaDetroitTrueTrueTrue
3428First National Bank, Luverne, MinnesotaLuverneTrueTrueTrue
3453Merchants National Bank, Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
3550First National Bank, Worthington, MinnesotaWorthingtonTrueTrue
3560First National Bank, Albert Lea, MinnesotaAlbert LeaTrueTrueTrueTrue
3562Mankato National Bank, Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrueTrue
3626Union National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrue
3626Duluth Union National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrue
3626First National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrueTrue
3626First and American National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrue
3659First National Bank, Red Lake Falls, MinnesotaRed Lake FallsTrueTrue
3689Commercial National Bank, Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
3784Flour City National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
3924First National Bank, Tower, MinnesotaTowerTrueTrue
3982First National Bank, Pipestone, MinnesotaPipestoneTrueTrueTrue
4001National Bank of Commerce of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
4034First National Bank, Little Falls, MinnesotaLittle FallsTrueTrueTrue
4131Austin National Bank, Austin, MinnesotaAustinTrueTrueTrue
4302Twin City National Bank, New Brighton, MinnesotaNew BrightonTrueTrue
4421Marine National Bank, Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
4509First National Bank, Lake Benton, MinnesotaLake BentonTrueTrueTrue
4595Lyon County National Bank of Marshall, MinnesotaMarshallTrueTrueTrue
4614First National Bank, Marshall, MinnesotaMarshallTrueTrueTrueTrue
4617First National Bank, Elbow Lake, MinnesotaElbow LakeTrueTrueTrueTrue
4638First National Bank, East Grand Forks, MinnesotaEast Grand ForksTrueTrueTrue
4644First National Bank, Breckenridge, MinnesotaBreckenridgeTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
4655German-American National Bank of Little Falls, MinnesotaLittle FallsTrueTrueTrue
4655American National Bank of Little Falls, MinnesotaLittle FallsTrue
4669First National Bank, Wells, MinnesotaWellsTrueTrueTrue
4702Albert Lea National Bank, MinnesotaAlbert LeaTrueTrue
4713Moorhead National Bank, Moorhead, MinnesotaMoorheadTrueTrueTrue
4727National Citizens Bank of Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrueTrueTrueTrue
4739Columbia National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
4750New Duluth National Bank, New Duluth, MinnesotaNew DuluthTrueTrue
4797Merchants National Bank of Saint Cloud, MinnesotaSaint CloudTrueTrueTrue
4807First National Bank, Princeton, MinnesotaPrincetonTrue
4821First National Bank of Wadena, MinnesotaWadenaTrueTrueTrue
4831First National Bank, Appleton, MinnesotaAppletonTrueTrue
4847Citizens National Bank of Austin, MinnesotaAustinTrueTrue
4859First National Bank, Saint James, MinnesotaSaint JamesTrueTrueTrue
4916Merchants National Bank, Wadena, MinnesotaWadenaTrueTrueTrueTrue
4928National Farmers Bank, Owatonna, MinnesotaOwatonnaTrueTrueTrue
4936First National Bank, Fairmont, MinnesotaFairmontTrueTrueTrueTrue
4951Swedish-American National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrue
4959First National Bank, Barnesville, MinnesotaBarnesvilleTrueTrueTrueTrue
4969National Bank of Kasson, MinnesotaKassonTrueTrueTrue
4992First National Bank, Tracy, MinnesotaTracyTrueTrueTrueTrue
5063First National Bank, Windom, MinnesotaWindomTrueTrueTrueTrue
5256First National Bank of Slayton, MinnesotaSlaytonTrueTrueTrue
5301First National Bank, Wilmont, MinnesotaWilmontTrueTrueTrue
5330First National Bank, Stewartville, MinnesotaStewartvilleTrueTrueTrueTrue
5362First National Bank, West Concord, MinnesotaWest ConcordTrueTrueTrueTrue
5374First National Bank of Eyota, MinnesotaEyotaTrueTrue
5377First National Bank, Elmore, MinnesotaElmoreTrueTrueTrueTrue
5383First National Bank, Heron Lake, MinnesotaHeron LakeTrueTrueTrueTrue
5393First National Bank of Blue Earth, MinnesotaBlue EarthTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
5393First and Farmers National Bank of Blue Earth, MinnesotaBlue EarthTrueTrue
5405First National Bank, Cloquet, MinnesotaCloquetTrueTrueTrueTrue
5406First National Bank of Winnebago City, Winnebago, MinnesotaWinnebagoTrueTrueTrue
5423Martin County National Bank, Fairmont, MinnesotaFairmontTrueTrueTrueTrue
5453First National Bank, Ada, MinnesotaAdaTrueTrueTrue
5542First National Bank, Park Rapids, MinnesotaPark RapidsTrueTrueTrueTrue
5553First National Bank, Eveleth, MinnesotaEvelethTrueTrueTrueTrue
5568First National Bank, Staples, MinnesotaStaplesTrueTrueTrueTrue
5570First National Bank of Ellsworth, MinnesotaEllsworthTrueTrueTrue
5582First National Bank, Bemidji, MinnesotaBemidjiTrueTrueTrueTrue
5706First National Bank, Lyle, MinnesotaLyleTrueTrueTrueTrue
5745First National Bank, Hibbing, MinnesotaHibbingTrueTrueTrueTrue
5826First National Bank, Redwood Falls, MinnesotaRedwood FallsTrueTrueTrue
5852First National Bank of Jackson, MinnesotaJacksonTrueTrueTrue
5859Farmers National Bank of Alexandria, MinnesotaAlexandriaTrueTrueTrue
5866First National Bank, Warren, MinnesotaWarrenTrueTrueTrue
5892First National Bank, Ruthton, MinnesotaRuthtonTrueTrueTrue
5894First National Bank, Thief River Falls, MinnesotaThief River FallsTrueTrueTrueTrue
5895Northfield National Bank, Northfield, MinnesotaNorthfieldTrueTrueTrue
5907First National Bank, Argyle, MinnesotaArgyleTrueTrueTrue
5910Citizens National Bank, Worthington, MinnesotaWorthingtonTrueTrueTrue
5969First National Bank of Chokio, MinnesotaChokioTrueTrueTrue
5988First National Bank, Fertile, MinnesotaFertileTrueTrue
6022First National Bank, Verndale, MinnesotaVerndaleTrueTrueTrueTrue
6029First National Bank, Ceylon, MinnesotaCeylonTrueTrueTrueTrue
6035First National Bank of Wheaton, MinnesotaWheatonTrueTrueTrueTrue
6054First National Bank, Fulda, MinnesotaFuldaTrueTrueTrue
6098Barnesville National Bank, Barnesville, MinnesotaBarnesvilleTrueTrueTrue
6118First National Bank, Litchfield, MinnesotaLitchfieldTrueTrue
6128Citizens National Bank, Albert Lea, MinnesotaAlbert LeaTrueTrue
6151First National Bank of Willmar, MinnesotaWillmarTrueTrue
6154First National Bank, Benson, MinnesotaBensonTrueTrue
6199First National Bank of Hills, MinnesotaHillsTrueTrue
6203First National Bank, Tyler, MinnesotaTylerTrueTrueTrue
6204First National Bank, Minnesota Lake, MinnesotaMinnesota LakeTrueTrue
6208First National Bank of Long Prairie, MinnesotaLong PrairieTrueTrueTrue
6237First National Bank of Saint Charles, MinnesotaSaint CharlesTrueTrueTrue
6259First National Bank of Campbell, MinnesotaCampbellTrueTrueTrue
6266First National Bank of Eagle Bend, MinnesotaEagle BendTrueTrueTrue
6276First National Bank of Perham, MinnesotaPerhamTrueTrue
6279First National Bank of Preston, MinnesotaPrestonTrueTrueTrue
6285First National Bank, Hanley Falls, MinnesotaHanley FallsTrueTrue
6293First National Bank of Plainview, MinnesotaPlainviewTrueTrueTrue
6304First National Bank of Two Harbors, MinnesotaTwo HarborsTrueTrue
6310Morris National Bank, Morris, MinnesotaMorrisTrueTrueTrue
6316First National Bank of Spring Valley, MinnesotaSpring ValleyTrueTrueTrue
6321First National Bank of Dawson, MinnesotaDawsonTrueTrueTrue
6331Welcome National Bank, Welcome, MinnesotaWelcomeTrueTrueTrue
6335Breckenridge National Bank, Breckenridge, MinnesotaBreckenridgeTrueTrue
6348Sherburn National Bank, Sherburn, MinnesotaSherburnTrueTrueTrue
6349First National Bank of Pelican Rapids, MinnesotaPelican RapidsTrueTrue
6352First National Bank of Cass Lake, MinnesotaCass LakeTrueTrueTrue
6364Truman National Bank, Truman, MinnesotaTrumanTrueTrueTrue
6366First National Bank of Canby, MinnesotaCanbyTrueTrueTrueTrue
6387First National Bank of Sleepy Eye, MinnesotaSleepy EyeTrueTrueTrue
6387First National Bank of Sleepy Eye Lake, MinnesotaSleepy Eye LakeTrue
6396Windom National Bank, Windom, MinnesotaWindomTrueTrueTrue
6401First National Bank of Twin Valley, MinnesotaTwin ValleyTrueTrueTrue
6412First National Bank of Westbrook, MinnesotaWestbrookTrueTrueTrue
6413First National Bank of Minneota, MinnesotaMinneotaTrueTrueTrue
6417Merchants National Bank of Sauk Centre, MinnesotaSauk CentreTrueTrueTrue
6431Security National Bank, Albert Lea, MinnesotaAlbert LeaTrueTrue
6436First National Bank of Rushford, MinnesotaRushfordTrueTrueTrue
6448First National Bank of Clarkfield, MinnesotaClarkfieldTrueTrueTrue
6449Clarke National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
6449Minnesota National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrueTrue
6459First National Bank of Ortonville, MinnesotaOrtonvilleTrueTrueTrue
6467First National Bank of Ivanhoe, MinnesotaIvanhoeTrueTrueTrue
6468First National Bank of Hendricks, MinnesotaHendricksTrueTrueTrueTrue
6478First National Bank of Bricelyn, MinnesotaBricelynTrueTrue
6488First National Bank of McIntosh, MinnesotaMcIntoshTrueTrueTrue
6519National Bank of Commerce of Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrueTrueTrueTrue
6520City National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrueTrue
6523First National Bank of Jasper, MinnesotaJasperTrueTrue
6527First National Bank of Virginia, MinnesotaVirginiaTrueTrueTrue
6532Farmers National Bank of Minnesota Lake, MinnesotaMinnesota LakeTrueTrueTrue
6537First National Bank of Lakefield, MinnesotaLakefieldTrueTrue
6544First National Bank of Waseca, MinnesotaWasecaTrueTrueTrue
6563First National Bank of Grand Rapids, MinnesotaGrand RapidsTrueTrueTrue
6571Boyd National Bank, Boyd, MinnesotaBoydTrueTrueTrue
6583First National Bank of Renville, MinnesotaRenvilleTrueTrue
6584First National Bank of Cottonwood, MinnesotaCottonwoodTrueTrueTrue
6608First National Bank of Chatfield, MinnesotaChatfieldTrueTrueTrue
6623Farmers National Bank of Dodge Center, MinnesotaDodge CenterTrueTrue
6631First National Bank of Alden, MinnesotaAldenTrueTrueTrue
6637Ivanhoe National Bank, Ivanhoe, MinnesotaIvanhoeTrueTrue
6661First National Bank of Parkers Prairie, MinnesotaParkers PrairieTrueTrueTrue
6682First National Bank of Dodge Center, MinnesotaDodge CenterTrueTrue
6693Citizens National Bank, Fertile, MinnesotaFertileTrueTrue
6696National Citizens Bank of Lake Benton, MinnesotaLake BentonTrueTrueTrue
6704Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Cannon Falls, MinnesotaCannon FallsTrueTrueTrue
6731First National Bank of Royalton, MinnesotaRoyaltonTrueTrueTrue
6732Stock Yards National Bank of South Saint Paul, MinnesotaSouth Saint PaulTrueTrueTrue
6738First National Bank of Dunnell, MinnesotaDunnellTrueTrueTrue
6747Citizens National Bank of Ortonville, MinnesotaOrtonvilleTrueTrue
6775First National Bank of Blooming Prairie, MinnesotaBlooming PrairieTrueTrueTrue
6783First National Bank of Roseau, MinnesotaRoseauTrueTrueTrue
6784First National Bank of Emmons, MinnesotaEmmonsTrueTrueTrue
6787First National Bank of Mapleton, MinnesotaMapletonTrueTrueTrue
6788Wells National Bank, Wells, MinnesotaWellsTrueTrue
6795First National Bank of Madison, MinnesotaMadisonTrueTrueTrueTrue
6803First National Bank of Aitkin, MinnesotaAitkinTrueTrueTrue
6813First National Bank of Bagley, MinnesotaBagleyTrueTrueTrue
6828American National Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrueTrue
6837First National Bank of Osakis, MinnesotaOsakisTrueTrueTrue
6840First National Bank of Balaton, MinnesotaBalatonTrueTrue
6860First National Bank of Montevideo, MinnesotaMontevideoTrueTrue
6862First National Bank of Rushmore, MinnesotaRushmoreTrueTrueTrue
6889First National Bank of Fosston, MinnesotaFosstonTrueTrueTrue
6906First National Bank of Henning, MinnesotaHenningTrueTrueTrue
6917Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Minneota, MinnesotaMinneotaTrueTrueTrue
6918First National Bank of Lake Crystal, MinnesotaLake CrystalTrueTrueTrue
6921First National Bank of Le Sueur Center, MinnesotaLe Sueur CenterTrueTrueTrue
6933First National Bank of Grand Meadow, MinnesotaGrand MeadowTrueTrueTrueTrue
6934First National Bank of Hallock, MinnesotaHallockTrueTrue
6954First National Bank of Rush City, MinnesotaRush CityTrueTrue
6973First National Bank of Carlton, MinnesotaCarltonTrueTrueTrueTrue
6991Miners National Bank of Eveleth, MinnesotaEvelethTrueTrueTrue
6992Jackson National Bank, Jackson, MinnesotaJacksonTrueTrue
6996First National Bank of Hancock, MinnesotaHancockTrueTrueTrue
7014First National Bank of Winthrop, MinnesotaWinthropTrueTrueTrue
7021Citizens National Bank of Saint James, MinnesotaSaint JamesTrueTrue
7021Citizens and Security National Bank of Saint James, MinnesotaSaint JamesTrueTrue
7024First National Bank of Frazee, MinnesotaFrazeeTrueTrueTrue
7033Hancock National Bank, Hancock, MinnesotaHancockTrueTrueTrue
7080Peoples National Bank of Long Prairie, MinnesotaLong PrairieTrueTrueTrue
7081First National Bank of Ulen, MinnesotaUlenTrueTrue
7092First National Bank of New Prague, MinnesotaNew PragueTrueTrueTrue
7100First National Bank of Madelia, MinnesotaMadeliaTrueTrue
7109First National Bank of Le Roy, MinnesotaLe RoyTrueTrueTrueTrue
7128First National Bank of Iona, MinnesotaIonaTrueTrue
7143First National Bank of Lake Park, MinnesotaLake ParkTrueTrueTrue
7161First National Bank of Clinton, MinnesotaClintonTrueTrueTrue
7184First National Bank, Elgin, MinnesotaElginTrueTrueTrue
7196First National Bank of Halstad, MinnesotaHalstadTrueTrueTrueTrue
7199First National Bank of Le Sueur, MinnesotaLe SueurTrueTrueTrueTrueTrue
7213First National Bank of Graceville, MinnesotaGracevilleTrueTrueTrue
7221First National Bank of Lamberton, MinnesotaLambertonTrueTrue
7227First National Bank of Browerville, MinnesotaBrowervilleTrueTrueTrueTrue
7268First National Bank of Deer Creek, MinnesotaDeer CreekTrueTrueTrue
7273First National Bank of Belle Plaine, MinnesotaBelle PlaineTrueTrueTrue
7283First National Bank of Waterville, MinnesotaWatervilleTrueTrueTrue
7292First National Bank of Mora, MinnesotaMoraTrueTrueTrue
7307Goodhue County National Bank of Red Wing, MinnesotaRed WingTrueTrueTrue
7341First National Bank of Browns Valley, MinnesotaBrowns ValleyTrueTrue
7373First National Bank of Bertha, MinnesotaBerthaTrueTrueTrue
7380First National Bank of International Falls, MinnesotaInternational FallsTrueTrueTrue
7387First National Bank of Braham, MinnesotaBrahamTrueTrueTrue
7427National Citizens Bank of Canby, MinnesotaCanbyTrueTrueTrue
7428First National Bank of Cambridge, MinnesotaCambridgeTrueTrueTrue
7438First National Bank of Beardsley, MinnesotaBeardsleyTrueTrue
7508First National Bank of Caledonia, MinnesotaCaledoniaTrueTrueTrue
7566First National Bank of Melrose, MinnesotaMelroseTrueTrueTrue
7603First National Bank of Goodhue, MinnesotaGoodhueTrueTrue
7625First National Bank of Woodstock, MinnesotaWoodstockTrueTrueTrue
7641Farmers National Bank of Blue Earth, MinnesotaBlue EarthTrueTrueTrue
7647First National Bank of Chisholm, MinnesotaChisholmTrueTrueTrue
7708First National Bank of Princeton, MinnesotaPrincetonTrueTrueTrue
7742First National Bank of Glenwood, MinnesotaGlenwoodTrueTrue
7764First National Bank of Motley, MinnesotaMotleyTrueTrueTrue
7770First National Bank of Luverne, MinnesotaLuverneTrueTrue
7772First National Bank of Hawley, MinnesotaHawleyTrueTrueTrueTrue
7797Brown National Bank of Jackson, MinnesotaJacksonTrueTrueTrue
7933First National Bank of Foley, MinnesotaFoleyTrueTrueTrue
7958First National Bank of West Minneapolis, MinnesotaWest MinneapolisTrueTrue
7958First National Bank of Hopkins, MinnesotaHopkinsTrue
7960First National Bank of Adrian, MinnesotaAdrianTrueTrue
8049First National Bank of Herman, MinnesotaHermanTrueTrueTrue
8050First National Bank of Raymond, MinnesotaRaymondTrueTrue
8051First National Bank of Cold Spring, MinnesotaCold SpringTrueTrueTrue
8059First National Bank of Adams, MinnesotaAdamsTrueTrueTrue
8108Capital National Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
8122Merchants National Bank of Detroit, MinnesotaDetroitTrueTrue
8241Lumbermen's National Bank of Bemidji, MinnesotaBemidjiTrueTrue
8241Northern National Bank of Bemidji, MinnesotaBemidjiTrueTrue
8269First National Bank of Springfield, MinnesotaSpringfieldTrueTrue
8322First National Bank of Coleraine, MinnesotaColeraineTrueTrueTrue
8378First National Bank of Chaska, MinnesotaChaskaTrueTrueTrue
8416First National Bank of Granite Falls, MinnesotaGranite FallsTrueTrue
8476First National Bank of Walker, MinnesotaWalkerTrueTrueTrue
8523City National Bank of Staples, MinnesotaStaplesTrueTrueTrue
8551Fairmont National Bank, Fairmont, MinnesotaFairmontTrueTrueTrue
8592First National Bank of Ely, MinnesotaElyTrueTrueTrue
8683First National Bank of Harmony, MinnesotaHarmonyTrueTrueTrue
8697First National Bank of Biwabik, MinnesotaBiwabikTrueTrue
8720Security National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
8726First National Bank of Mahnomen, MinnesotaMahnomenTrueTrueTrue
8729First National Bank of Grey Eagle, MinnesotaGrey EagleTrueTrueTrue
8756First National Bank of Battle Lake, MinnesotaBattle LakeTrueTrueTrue
8757First National Bank of Elk River, MinnesotaElk RiverTrueTrueTrue
8813First National Bank of Appleton, MinnesotaAppletonTrueTrueTrueTrue
8977National Bank of Luverne, MinnesotaLuverneTrueTrueTrue
8989Worthington National Bank, Worthington, MinnesotaWorthingtonTrueTrueTrue
8993National Bank of Wheaton, MinnesotaWheatonTrueTrueTrue
9031First National Bank, Mabel, MinnesotaMabelTrueTrueTrue
9033National Bank of Adrian, MinnesotaAdrianTrueTrueTrue
9050First National Bank, Milaca, MinnesotaMilacaTrueTrueTrue
9059National Bank of Preston, MinnesotaPrestonTrueTrueTrue
9063Peoples National Bank of Olivia, MinnesotaOliviaTrueTrueTrue
9064First National Bank, Stephen, MinnesotaStephenTrueTrueTrue
9131First National Bank Deer River, MinnesotaDeer RiverTrueTrue
9147First National Bank of Blackduck, MinnesotaBlackduckTrue
9253Farmers National Bank, Waseca, MinnesotaWasecaTrueTrue
9262First National Bank, Gilbert, MinnesotaGilbertTrueTrue
9267First National Bank, Mountain Lake, MinnesotaMountain LakeTrueTrue
9321First National Bank, Beaver Creek, MinnesotaBeaver CreekTrue
9327Northern National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
9374American Exchange National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrue
9409Scandinavian-American National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrue
9409Midland National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrue
9409Midland National Bank and Trust Company of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
9442Metropolitan National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
9457Farmers National Bank, Hendricks, MinnesotaHendricksTrueTrue
9464First National Bank, Sandstone, MinnesotaSandstoneTrueTrue
9596First National Bank, Starbuck, MinnesotaStarbuckTrueTrue
9703First National Bank, Deerwood, MinnesotaDeerwoodTrueTrue
9771First National Bank, Fairfax, MinnesotaFairfaxTrueTrue
9775First National Bank, Amboy, MinnesotaAmboyTrue
9837Farmers National Bank of Red Lake Falls, MinnesotaRed Lake FallsTrue
9838First National Bank, Crosby, MinnesotaCrosbyTrueTrue
9903First National Bank, Delano, MinnesotaDelanoTrue
10147Farmers National Bank of Hutchinson, MinnesotaHutchinsonTrueTrue
10261Commercial National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
10261National City Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
10382First National Bank, Ironton, MinnesotaIrontonTrueTrue
10393Blue Earth Valley National Bank, Winnebago, MinnesotaWinnebagoTrueTrue
10475National Bank of Commerce in Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
10507First National Bank of Lanesboro, MinnesotaLanesboroTrueTrueTrue
10554First National Bank, Isanti, MinnesotaIsantiTrueTrue
10570First National Bank, Atwater, MinnesotaAtwaterTrueTrue
10580National Bank of Dodge County, Kasson, MinnesotaKassonTrueTrue
10603First National Bank, Kiester, MinnesotaKiesterTrueTrue
10665Ada National Bank, Minnesota, MinnesotaAdaTrueTrue
10710First National Bank, Baudette, MinnesotaBaudetteTrueTrue
10736First National Bank, Nashwauk, MinnesotaNashwaukTrueTrue
10783Farmers National Bank, Aitkin, MinnesotaAitkinTrue
10824First National Bank, Swanville, MinnesotaSwanvilleTrueTrueTrue
10830First National Bank, Gonvick, MinnesotaGonvickTrueTrue
10862First National Bank of Brandon, MinnesotaBrandonTrueTrue
10865Winona National and Savings Bank, Winona, MinnesotaWinonaTrue
10898First National Bank, Wendell, MinnesotaWendellTrueTrue
10903First National Bank, Keewatin, MinnesotaKeewatinTrueTrueTrue
10936Pipestone National Bank, Pipestone, MinnesotaPipestoneTrueTrueTrue
10940National Exchange Bank, Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrue
10946First National Bank of Brewster, MinnesotaBrewsterTrueTrue
11023First National Bank, Buffalo, MinnesotaBuffaloTrueTrue
11042National Farmers Bank of Kasson, MinnesotaKassonTrueTrue
11054First National Bank, Bovey, MinnesotaBoveyTrueTrueTrue
11125First National Bank, Proctor, MinnesotaProctorTrueTrue
11173First National Bank, Erskine, MinnesotaErskineTrue
11178Lincoln National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrue
11212Hastings National Bank, Hastings, MinnesotaHastingsTrue
11215First National Bank of Montgomery, MinnesotaMontgomeryTrueTrue
11218First National Bank, Jordan, MinnesotaJordanTrueTrue
11224First National Bank, Avoca, MinnesotaAvocaTrue
11267First National Bank of Pequot, MinnesotaPequotTrueTrue
11286Warren National Bank, Warren, MinnesotaWarrenTrue
11288First National Bank of Hanska, MinnesotaHanskaTrue
11293First National Bank, Lake Wilson, MinnesotaLake WilsonTrueTrue
11332First National Bank of Paynesville, MinnesotaPaynesvilleTrue
11345First National Bank of Aurora, MinnesotaAuroraTrueTrue
11356First National Bank, Lancaster, MinnesotaLancasterTrueTrue
11365First National Bank, Kerkhoven, MinnesotaKerkhovenTrueTrue
11392First National Bank, Clearbrook, MinnesotaClearbrookTrueTrue
11401American National Bank of Lake Crystal, MinnesotaLake CrystalTrueTrue
11410First National Bank, Waconia, MinnesotaWaconiaTrueTrue
11550First National Bank of Motordale, MinnesotaMotordaleTrue
11550First National Bank of New Germany, MinnesotaNew GermanyTrue
11552First National Bank, Good Thunder, MinnesotaGood ThunderTrueTrue
11579American National Bank of Nashwauk, MinnesotaNashwaukTrueTrue
11581First National Bank, Pine City, MinnesotaPine CityTrueTrue
11608First National Bank of Marble, MinnesotaMarbleTrueTrue
11611First National Bank of Big Lake, MinnesotaBig LakeTrueTrue
11627Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of Ivanhoe, MinnesotaIvanhoeTrueTrue
11652First National Bank, Forest Lake, MinnesotaForest LakeTrueTrueTrue
11668Security National Bank of Faribault, MinnesotaFaribaultTrue
11668Security National Bank and Trust Company of Faribault, MinnesotaFaribaultTrue
11687First National Bank, Farmington, MinnesotaFarmingtonTrue
11740First National Bank, Menahga, MinnesotaMenahgaTrueTrueTrue
11741Twin Cities National Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
11761First National Bank, Barnum, MinnesotaBarnumTrueTrue
11776First National Bank of Rosemount, MinnesotaRosemountTrue
11778Minneapolis National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
11810Minnesota National Bank, Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
11818American National Bank of Saint Cloud, MinnesotaSaint CloudTrueTrueTrue
11848Roseau County National Bank of Roseau, MinnesotaRoseauTrueTrueTrue
11861Marquette National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
11863First National Bank of Littlefork, MinnesotaLittleforkTrueTrue
11974Peoples National Bank of Proctor, MinnesotaProctorTrueTrue
12115Richfield National Bank, Richfield, MinnesotaRichfieldTrue
12115Richfield National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
12140Duluth National Bank, Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
12282Transportation Brotherhoods National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrueTrue
12357First National Bank in Two Harbors, MinnesotaTwo HarborsTrueTrue
12395First National Bank, Cokato, MinnesotaCokatoTrueTrue
12507First National Bank in Wadena, MinnesotaWadenaTrueTrue
12507National Bank of Wadena, MinnesotaWadenaTrue
12518Security National Bank of West Minneapolis, MinnesotaWest MinneapolisTrue
12518Security National Bank of Hopkins, MinnesotaHopkinsTrue
12568Hibbing National Bank, Hibbing, MinnesotaHibbingTrue
12607National Bank of Grey Eagle, MinnesotaGrey EagleTrueTrue
12634First and Farmers National Bank in Luverne, MinnesotaLuverneTrueTrue
12922Empire National Bank and Trust Company of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrue
12941First National Bank, Mahnomen, MinnesotaMahnomenTrue
12947First National Bank, Moose Lake, MinnesotaMoose LakeTrueTrueTrue
12959Buffalo National Bank, Buffalo, MinnesotaBuffaloTrue
12972Bloomington-Lake National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
13075Becker County National Bank, Detroit Lakes, MinnesotaDetroit LakesTrue
13078Pioneer National Bank of Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
13081Citizens National Bank, Olivia, MinnesotaOliviaTrue
13096Minnehaha National Bank, Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
13108Central National Bank of Minneapolis, MinnesotaMinneapolisTrueTrue
13116Western National Bank, Duluth, MinnesotaDuluthTrueTrue
13131Midway National Bank of Saint Paul, MinnesotaSaint PaulTrueTrue
13297First National Bank, Moorhead, MinnesotaMoorheadTrue
13303First National Bank in Deer Creek, MinnesotaDeer CreekTrue
13350Northfield National Bank and Trust Company, Northfield, MinnesotaNorthfieldTrue
13353American National Bank of Little Falls, MinnesotaLittle FallsTrue
13396Red Wing National Bank and Trust Company, Red Wing, MinnesotaRed WingTrue
13486Northwestern National Bank of Litchfield, MinnesotaLitchfieldTrue
13547First National Bank in Anoka, MinnesotaAnokaTrue
13561Klein National Bank of Madison, MinnesotaMadisonTrue
13564Northwestern National Bank, Dawson, MinnesotaDawsonTrue
13615Stewartville National Bank, Stewartville, MinnesotaStewartvilleTrue
13692Citizens National Bank of Park Rapids, MinnesotaPark RapidsTrue
13713First National Bank in Cannon Falls, MinnesotaCannon FallsTrue
13784Citizens National Bank of Madelia, MinnesotaMadeliaTrue
14042First National Bank in Winthrop, MinnesotaWinthropTrue
14167First National Bank in West Concord, MinnesotaWest ConcordTrue
14220National Bank of Commerce in Mankato, MinnesotaMankatoTrue