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Arizona National Currency Bank Note Information

Arizona had 27 issuing charters in 17 different towns.
There are 701 Arizona national currency bank notes known.
Which ranks it the third scarcest state/Territory.
There is one national currency bank with no notes known:
The First National Bank of Prescott (Territorial).
If you have a note from that bank please send me a scan!
Tucson, Arizona Territory National Currency Bank Note Series 1875 Serial #2

Rare Arizona National Currency Bank Note Issuing Banks

  • First National Bank of Phoenix, Arizona

    Chartered in 1883 this bank lasted about a year and a half.
    All notes are territorials and only one is known... a blockbuster Serial #1.
    This bank only printed $5.00 brownbacks.

  • First National Bank of Prescott, Arizona

    Chartered in 1884 and gone by the middle of 1885, this bank only printed 225 sheets
    No notes are known but if a note did show up it would be a major find

  • First National Bank of Tombstone, Arizona

    Chartered in 1902 and lasting 24 years this bank is common for state issues.
    This bank is unknown as a territorial issue, such a note would be breathtaking for a national currency collector.

List of All National Banks for Arizona

CharterBank NameCityRare in LargeRare in Small186518751882 BB1882 BS1902 RS1902 BS1929
2639First National Bank of Tucson, ArizonaTucsonTrueTrue
3054First National Bank of Phoenix, ArizonaPhoenixTrueTrue
3122First National Bank of Prescott, ArizonaPrescottTrueTrue
3728National Bank of Arizona at Phoenix, ArizonaPhoenixTrueTrueTrue
3728First National Bank of Arizona at Phoenix, ArizonaPhoenixTrueTrue
4287Consolidated National Bank of Tucson, ArizonaTucsonTrueTrueTrueTrue
4440Arizona National Bank of Tucson, ArizonaTucsonTrueTrueTrue
4729Phoenix National Bank, Phoenix, ArizonaPhoenixTrueTrueTrueTrue
4851Prescott National Bank, Prescott, ArizonaPrescottTrueTrueTrue
5720Tempe National Bank, Tempe, ArizonaTempeTrueTrueTrueTrue
5821First National Bank of Clifton, ArizonaCliftonTrueTrueTrue
6439First National Bank of Tombstone, ArizonaTombstoneTrueTrue
6579First National Bank of Globe, ArizonaGlobeTrueTrue
6591Sandoval National Bank of Nogales, ArizonaNogalesTrue
6591First National Bank of Nogales, ArizonaNogalesTrueTrueTrue
6633First National Bank of Douglas, ArizonaDouglasTrueTrue
7182First National Bank of Bisbee, ArizonaBisbeeTrueTrue
7591First National Bank of Yuma, ArizonaYumaTrueTrue
8193Globe National Bank, Globe, ArizonaGlobeTrueTrueTrue
9608Yuma National Bank, Yuma, ArizonaYumaTrue
10998First National Bank of Florence, ArizonaFlorenceTrue
11012Nogales National Bank, Nogales, ArizonaNogalesTrueTrueTrue
11120First National Bank of Flagstaff, ArizonaFlagstaffTrueTrueTrue
11130First National Bank of Mesa, ArizonaMesaTrueTrue
11159Tucson National Bank, Tucson, ArizonaTucsonTrueTrue
11559Commercial National Bank of Phoenix, ArizonaPhoenixTrue
12198First National Bank of Holbrook, ArizonaHolbrookTrueTrueTrue
12581First National Bank of Winslow, ArizonaWinslowTrueTrue
13262First National Bank in Prescott, ArizonaPrescottTrue