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Alaska National Currency Bank Note Information

Alaska had three issuing banks in Juneau, Fairbanks & Ketchikan.
There are 137 Alaska national currency bank notes known.
Which ranks it the second scarcest state/territory to Porto Rico.
All notes from Alaska are territorial notes.
Alaska nationals are key to a state set so they are highly desirable.
If you know of one please contact me, you will be happy you did.
Fairbanks, Alaska National Currency Bank Note Series 1902 Plain Back Blue Seal

Alaska National Currency Bank Note Issuing Banks

  • First National Bank of Juneau, Alaska

    Chartered in 1898, This bank lasted through the note issuing period to 1935 and issuing large and small notes.
    This bank issued brownseals. A brownseal on this bank would be a great find!
    This bank is the most desirable of the Alaskan charters.

  • First National Bank of Fairbanks, Alaska

    Chartered in 1905, This bank issued red seals, blue seals and small brownseals before closing up in 1935.
    This is the only bank in Alaska to issue red seals. A red seal on this bank would be a real trophy!

  • First National Bank of Ketchikan, Alaska

    Chartered in 1924, This bank only issued 1929 small sized brown seals.
    This is the most common small note issuer in Alaska (if common can be used here)

List of All National Banks for Alaska

CharterBank NameCityRare in LargeRare in Small186518751882 BB1882 BS1902 RS1902 BS1929
5117First National Bank of Juneau, AlaskaJuneauTrueTrueTrueTrue
7718First National Bank of Fairbanks, AlaskaFairbanksTrueTrueTrue
12578First National Bank of Ketchikan, AlaskaKetchikanTrue